Wrought iron quality distinguishes these trellises from alternative plant supports.

Even without plants these stunning wall trellises will add character and sophistication to any wall and are ideal for turning a dull vacant wall into an inspiring focal point.

Treillage Wall Trellises are designed and built to easily cope with the demands of vigorously growing roses, and unlike timber alternatives, provide a stable and trouble-free lattice framework requiring no complex or annual harmful chemical treatments.

The designs are available in a range of sizes and styles with each panel providing a 10cm gap between wall and trellis. This allows the air to circulate freely and prevent the risk of humidity.


Treillage panels – available in a range in sizes
Height 200cm, Width 46cm, and Weight 9.0Kg (Ref R9-3)
Height 130cm, Width 100cm, and Weight 14.0Kg (Ref R9-4)
Height 50cm, Width 100cm, and Weight 5.0Kg (Ref R9-5)

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